Why Chose Amplify?

We provide one of the most registrant and administrator friendly online registration systems. It's fast, efficient, and information input and retrieval can be done intuitively without referring to any help systems (see our testimonials).

Our forms are constructed in the familiar format of the traditional paper forms and they incorporate extensive software tests to ensure the integrity of the registrant information collected.

However, not every event is best suited to Amplify's combination of prices, features and services, and it may be best to try one of our competitors—contact us and we'll recommend one to you. The kinds of events we are best suited for are outlined below.

Amplify is best suited to Events with at least some of the following characteristics:
  • Your registration price is over $75
  • You prefer pricing based on the features you use, not the amount you charge your registrants
  • You have more than a single price for registration, incentive pricing, preferred group pricing, or volume dependent pricing
  • You want multiple payment options on a single form (credit card, check, PO, wire transfer)
  • You would like to use our expertise in form design to ensure an accurate easy-to-use registration form that reduces phone call questions to your organization while providing a registrant friendly experience
  • You have workshops, seminars, etc., associated with your event
  • You have events, courses or seminars that run on multiples dates or at different locations
  • You have limited time or Internet expertise and view our service to set-up and create your registration site as a big benefit
Why Choose Someone Else?
  • Your registration price is less than $75
  • You have very simple event pricing, and questions
  • You have the time and inclination to do all the set-up and form design yourself
  • You can accept the contingent liability of using a third party credit card account
  • You need a comprehensive solution to manage a membership organization; we just focus on event registration
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