Service and Support

We know the Internet, email and your computer can be a confusing array of technology. We are here to help whether you are an everyday Internet user or just beginning with your computer.

We will always go the extra mile to get you going quickly or explain a feature to you.

Support is available through our online FAQs and our online demos. The demos are actual registration forms and show just some of the features we offer. If you don't see what you need in a demo or on our features page just contact us (phone, email, real time chat).

Free Support
  • Phone support with the phone answered with three rings 90% of the time
  • Analysis and suggestions to design registration forms that improve the registrant experience and the accuracy of information collected
  • Proper set-up of forms to enable identification of the origin of a registration
  • We do all the event set-up for you and create the forms based on your input.
  • Email support after hours
  • Real time chat support (see Ask Now box in the left hand column)
  • Assistance with paperwork to set-up inexpensive merchant accounts
Phone Support with Real Time Help

If you cannot figure it out with our FAQs, demos, real time chat or information on this site just call us. We'll take you through the items while you are on the Internet so you can have the best registration site possible.

We can show you how to retrieve your registration information from your administrator page as well as generate sign-in lists, name badges, and automated personalized emails all customized to your needs. Whatever it is we are always there to help.

Need Special Features?

Our application is feature rich; and many were originally suggested by clients. Nevertheless, we still spend a lot of time adding features to improve functionality and the registrant experience.

If you need some special functionality, just let us know. The software architecture we developed makes the addition of new features easy in most cases, thus we are often able to accommodate your needs.

Demonstration Events
  • The demos take you through the entire registration process.
  • You can change fonts and colors
  • You can try our special codes for special event pricing
  • Credit card options are shown and you can try them without providing real credit card information since no real transactions are recorded
  • You will get the email acknowledgments just as a real registrant would
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