Our Security

Security was our most important design consideration. Like all credible e–commerce sites sensitive credit card information is always collected on and transmitted to SSL encrypted pages. However, we go beyond that.

We Don't Store Credit Card Numbers

Credit card processing is done by linking our site to the secure servers at a payment gateway like Authorize.net, a leading provider of Internet Protocol (IP) based payment gateway services since 1996. The gateway servers receive the credit card information we send, process the transaction, and then send us back the transaction approval (or rejection).

So all we do with a credit card number is transmit the number securely to the gateway and then discard it. We designed our system to ensure that we never have to store credit card numbers on our servers. Amplify, the event administrator, and any potential hacker have no access to a registrant's credit card number.

No Cookies required for registration

Registrants do not have to allow cookies when registering through our pages. It was a basic design criteria from the beginning.


We do not sell or otherwise provide any information in our database to third parties unless legally required to do so.

Other Security Measures We Implement

  • For each event a maximum can be placed on the dollar amount that can be processed in a single transaction
  • Our software is designed at several levels to detect potential fraudulent and malicious credit card usage
  • No third parties are involved in handling credit card information.
Security Checks with Other Vendors

If you do chose another registration vendor, check the procedures they use to protect your registrants' credit card information. At the right we give some of the ways that security can be breached.

Security Items to Check with Others

  • Is credit card number information collected on a non-secure web page (no https://... in the page address)?
  • Is credit card number information transmitted to you/them via email (email is not secure without special encryption)
  • Does the registration data base include credit card information? If so, what security measures are taken to protect the information (are strong passwords enforced, who has access, how is access controlled)?
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