Registrant Benefits and Features

Registrants can sign-up on the Internet at any time and directly register for your meeting or event. No telephone tag, no hassle!

Registrants just have to enter their registration information, and choose a method of payment. We help them by checking the format of entries (e.g., an email address) to avoid errors.

Our forms are straight forward, easy to fill-in, and you chose which information must be provided (as opposed to being optional), including the answers to questions. The forms are designed to be similar to the paper forms people use for traditional offline registration.

Here are some of the features that will benefit your Registrants:

  • email and online acknowledgments immediately upon registration
  • For those that pay by credit card an additional email receipt is sent for the payment itself
  • Choice of payment options, if you allow them
  • A primary paying Registrant can pay for and register guests and/or associates in his/her group, all at once—if you allow more than one person to register at a time
  • Registrants can adjust the page font-size to their liking—just like the Adjust Text links above in the left hand column
  • For a full list of features look at our pricing page
Offline Registration Options

People can also register by traditional means. You can put your phone number on our pages and enter phoned-in information directly into your database via your online registration form.

Registrants can still pay by "walking in" to the activity or event, if that is your normal practice; we even provide a custom formatted form for those walk-ins. Optionally, we also allow you to have special "walk-in" pricing. We only add convenience, never take it away.

Registrant Payment Options

Registrants can elect to pay by any method you allow; the options are listed on the right. By capturing their information online you don't have to keep manual records. No matter how people pay, the registration information is stored in one place—your online database—which is always available to you, and can be easily downloaded.

  • Pay by charge card securely (SSL encryption) online
  • Pay by mail (or at the door) with check or credit card
  • Pay by faxing credit card information
  • Pay by purchase order
  • Pay by wire transfer
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