Online Event Registration Software Overview

We are the turnkey software solution for your online event registration service needs. We set up your registration pages with our extensive design experience and user-friendly forms, do all the busy work automatically, and then provide you an Administrator to monitor, edit, report on, and download the collected information. Here are just some of things we can do for you:

  • (For a full list of our features look at our pricing page where they are all listed)
  • Design your registration form, including the questions/survey to gain information beyond the normal contact information
  • Provide multiple payment options, including real time credit card payment
  • Ensure all registration fees are sent directly to you—we do not touch your money in any way
  • Allow for Group registration options so that one person can register and pay for a group of people
  • Insert logic into forms to validate inputs
  • Install fonts, logos and colors to match your own web site, as best we can
  • Create your downloadable database
  • Send out acknowledgement emails with an confirmation number to every registrant immediately
  • Provide you with a password protected Administrator interface to manage your event information
  • Set-up multiple pricing options, including early bird and/or discounted pricing, with special codes, and pricing for any sub-event
  • For more complex events, suggest implementation methods to ensure all registrants can easily register with the appropriate price—our goal always is to completely eliminate phone calls or emails to you caused by confusion
  • For capacity limited events or workshops, we can automatically set attendance limits
  • Provide the name badge templates for event attendees
  • ... and more
Try the Demos

We have a fully functional set of demo events that you can try to test our features and evaluate the registrant experience. Just click on the image above and you will be taken directly to our demo page.

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