Registrant Payment Options

You can choose one or more of the following options:

  1. Credit Card online securely with near instant approval (or rejection) with direct deposit to your bank account
  2. Faxing or mailing Credit Card information to you
  3. Mailing a check to you
  4. Sending you a purchase order
  5. Sending money by wire transfer



Accept Credit Cards

Credit Card Merchant Accounts

If you don't have a merchant account, we can help you get one in just a few days for as little as $49—just contact us. We integrate your account into our web pages so it is seamless for your registrant to pay; you get their payments in your bank account in just a few days.

If you already have an account, you have everything you need for us to process your transactions, now!

Also, look at the PayPal option below for a good first-time alternative.

All Payments in One Database

Regardless of how registrants pay, we capture all their registration information in the same database.

Even if information is faxed or mailed to you, in your administrator you just click on the name and mark off a check payment as paid, or submit and authorize the credit card number for immediate payment.

The PayPal Alternative

A PayPal business or premier personal account offers an excellent alternative. We have integrated PayPal so it is almost as seamless as using your own merchant account. It costs you nothing, takes a few minutes to set up and fees are very reasonable. Contrary to popular belief, registrants DO NOT need a PayPal account to pay you via credit card.

It is a great way to start and if you find online registration is beneficial you can step up to your own merchant account for your next events.

Why We Don't Collect Your Money

Many online registration services will use their own merchant account to collect credit card payments on your behalf. While this seems so easy for you, there are many potential liabilities and disadvantages. Take a look at our page on third party credit card arrangements.

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