Database Driven Registration Pages

Most sites have static web pages which only change when edited by the authorólike this page. The registration pages on our registration forms and acknowledgments are "database driven".

Each registration page you see is specially created in real time from information you or the registrant gave us—event dates, options, prices, colors, fonts, name, address, payment method, questions, etc. These data are stored in a production grade database. When your page is browsed, your information is retrieved and placed on the page giving it the customized look and event specific information.


Some Facts
  • Approaching 10,000 hours of design, development and testing time
  • Almost 100,000 lines of code are in production
  • We employ the world's leading e–commerce transaction processor for credit card payments—
  • We have registered ten of thousands of people for hundreds of events
  • We have transacted tens of millions of dollars securely for our clients
  • We use an application system, ColdFusion, from one of the Internet's leading software companies, Adobe, the makers of Acrobat and its document reader.
Administrator Pages

Our administrator is designed with a database driven set of web pages and real time database queries to enable the viewing, sorting, and filtering of data. Most reports are designed to enable comprehensive financial, attendance and survey reports, amongst others, and are available within an easy menu system.

Each report, filtered or not, can be downloaded to your desktop as an Excel file. We also provide formats for input into other programs like Access. If you customize reports with filters, then reports can conveniently be saved as browser bookmarks or favorites for easy reuse.

Smart Site™ Technology

Our advanced technology is exclusively developed by Amplify. Smart Site provides automatic recognition of your screen resolution and browser allowing us to render our sites with a text size independent of your set-up. In addition, we give you control over your text size, as seen in the Adjust Text functionality in the left hand margin on this web site.

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