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If you have questions that are not covered below please send those questions to us and we will answer quickly.

 General Registration Questions
  • What is a no-charge event?
    It means you do not charge your registrants for attending your event or activity.
  • What kinds of questions can we ask on the registration form?
    You can ask any kind of question and as many as you want with the limitations of the price plan you choose. For most events, we suggest that you ask no more than four questions to avoid frustrating registrants. You can also provide us your chosen answers to questions so the registrant can just click on an answer rather than typing one. Take a look at DEMO events to see how questions are included in the site. Typical questions might be "How do you find out about our event" (answers: Mailer, Article in paper, Friend, Advertisement. etc.) or "Tell us your professional capacity" (answers: Executive, Manager, Engineer, Other Professional, etc.)

    We can also have questions that are mutually exclusive, so if you answer one, you cannot answer the other. One use of this is when you have multiple sets of workshops occurring at the same time, and within each workshop the registrant has multiple choices.
  • Can more than one person register at a time?
    Yes. This is how it works. The person paying first chooses all the items available for themselves and their group, and then pays for them (each member of the group can have different items, if available). Once paid, each member's contact information is entered on another form, together their choice of paid-for items. If the payer does not have all the groups contact information, he or she, or the group member can return later to enter the appropriate information—a link is provided by email for this purpose.
  • How do you handle walk-ins at an event?
    You can handle them just as you do now—accept a check, cash, or accept a credit card payment. You can get a customized event form from your Administrator web page and make copies to have at the registration desk. After the event you can choose to "register" the walk-ins 1) to ensure all information is still in one place and 2) to collect walk-in credit card payments.
  • Do registrants get receipts?
    All registrants receive an online acknowledgement of their registration and can print out the acknowledgement page from their browser. Those that provide a valid email address will also get an email acknowledgment. Both the online and email acknowledgement can be customized with event specific information such as the agenda, directions, parking instructions and more. In addition, if a credit card was used for payment the registrant receives an email receipt for the transaction from the credit card company.
  • What kinds of events or activities can you handle?
    We can handle almost any kind of event, product, service, subscription, membership, or activity which does not require collection of sales tax and does not require Amplify to deliver anything "hard" other than by electronic means.
General Usage Questions
  • What kind of browser or computer is required?
    Registrants and administrators can use any browser of relatively recent vintage including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, and Safari. As long the computer can use these browsers and access the Internet, then our online registration software will function properly. However, we always encourage people to use the latest browser version. They are free and later versions tend to be more reliable, secure, and supportive of new features.
  • Can we print name badges?
    Yes. To give you the ultimate flexibility we provided you label template of various sizes, with and without logos, for you to download and then use with your downloaded database to mail merge to produce labels.
  • How do we provide registrants the link to the registration page?
  • Do you support email promotion campaigns?
    No. There are many services that specialize in email promotion and email list management and we encourage you to use them. Do this search on Google to find most of the current popular services. Some are free for small lists and trials.
  • The same people sign up for our activities regularly. How can you make the sign up process easier for them?
    Optionally, an event can be set up so that when a person registers they can elect to assign themselves a user ID and password. When they return for the next activity or event, all they have to do is enter their ID and password and all their name and address information is automatically retrieved and entered.
Charge Card Questions
  • How can I reduce my costs?
    You can get someone to sponsor your registration site. We would place the sponsor's banner prominently on the registration form for your event, and include their text messages in our receipts and acknowledgment emails. We do charge separately for adding sponsor information, but your sponsor should cover our costs and more to substantially reduce your total cost.
  • Can anyone steal a registrant's credit card number?
    All the transaction processing of credit card numbers is done through SSL encryption, an Internet standard, using the secure servers. The use of credit cards on the Internet is often said to be safer than using your credit card in a restaurant or store, where receipts can be left for anyone to see. The most important thing about your credit card number is to keep in away from "prying eyes", no matter where the "eyes" are. SSL encryption does this. We do not store credit card numbers on our server; we merely collect the credit card number and expiration date on the SSL page, pass it on the credit card company via and once approved or rejected completely discard the number and expiration date information.
  • What is the likelihood of receiving fraudulent transactions?
    We have numerous protections in our software to protect against automated fraudulent use of your site. However, we cannot prevent an individual who uses a stolen card number and personal information from trying to "buy" a registration. Fortunately, the credit card companies have excellent mechanisms to reduce these kinds of transactions and thus deny charges. Even if someone does use fraudulent information to buy a registration from you, nothing physical is delivered to a registrant so you only lose a space at the event. However, cash you receive will have to be returned to the credit card company and that can involve some paperwork.
  • What happens if a registrant cancels and has paid by credit card?
    Registrations can be credited by using the credit card originally used for the registration. Our administration web site facilitates this—it is very easy to do with a few clicks. Contact information already stored in your database is reused to speed up your processing. We keep accurate records for you to maintain full accounting consistency of both money and registration counts.
  • I already have a merchant account. Can I use it?
    Yes, with a couple of provisions. Your merchant bank must allow Internet transactions, and your card processor must be able to set you up to use as the payment gateway for online transactions. Please see our page on credit cards for more information.
  • Why we don't collect money for you
    You are much better off having checks sent directly to you and having your own merchant account because:
    1. Payments to you are not delayed. If others collect the money for you payments are typically sent every 2 weeks or month.
    2. We do not have to keep some monies back to cover the bad check and chargeback possibilities
    3. You are not dependant on the third party's financial stability and their promise not to use your money to support their own business's cash flow. With a third party the money is theirs until they pay you.
    4. With third parties registrants can be confused when they don't see your name on their charge card monthly statement and are prone to dispute the charge causing substantial paperwork and payment delays.
    For more information see this page on using third parties to collect your money.
 Questions About Our Pricing
  • We have many events. Is your minimum charged for each one?
    Usually not, particularly if those events have the same pricing and questionnaire, and only differ by date and/or location. When you do events at regular intervals often we can work out a custom subscription based plan for you that will reduce you costs. Just contact us.
  • How quickly do we receive the money you collect on our behalf?
    We don't collect money on your behalf; you receive the money directly through your merchant account (or PayPal if you use them). Faxed in registrations are sent directly to you. If the registrant pays by check, the check is always made out to you, and mailed directly to you by the registrant. Unlike many online registration services the money NEVER comes to us. We bill you for our fees separately.
  • Are there any set-up fee or other upfront charges?
    No. We do ask for our minimum fee the earlier of:
    1. The date you have collected registration fees by credit card in an amount greater than our minimum fee; or
    2. One month after you tell us you approve of your registration pages, and that the event be made live; or
    3. a date we mutually agree upon that gives you sufficient time to evaluate our work and go live
  • Others have single fixed price per registrant. Why don't you?
    Our charges are based on the features you need and use. For more complex events our charges are often higher. However, if you had to set-up more complex events with other services it would take you hours of trial and error. We save you that time by doing the set-up for you, while providing a very registrant friendly registration form, even for complicated events. We will always work with you with ideas to reduce your price.
 Registrant Pricing Questions
  • How do you handle discounted prices for some registrants only?
    Here are some of the options from which you can chose:
    1. All the prices can be listed on the same form putting people on the honor system. Some clients do this, for example, if there is a member and non-member price.
    2. We can create a page where the registrant first chooses what kind of registrant they are, e.g., student, general attendee, sponsor, etc. Then once they chose, the registration page with the appropriate pricing is shown in the browser. This does not prevent one group from seeing another's pricing, but it is an effective means of delivering the right price to the registrant. But again, it is based on the honor system.
    3. If you are concerned about exposing discounted prices to everyone, we can offer you special codes that can be used by registrants to get only the pricing applicable to them—without the code they can only get general registrant pricing. The code can be delivered to registrants via your promotional emails either as a code to be manually entered, or a directly embedded in a link to the registration page with their special pricing.
    4. If you are concerned that registrant will improperly share special codes, then we can also offer codes that once used cannot be used again. We call these OneOnly™ codes.
    For more information on pricing options see this page.
  • Can Members register at no-charge while others pay?
    Yes, if you are a membership organization and members attend events at no-charge, while guests or others pay, then we set up two methods to register. For members, the process is simplified (no payment information is needed) to make it as quick as possible. If members pay a reduced fee, then different prices are set up on the registration page, e.g., one for members, one for guests, one for all others, etc. See the previous FAQ above too.
  • Can you accommodate multiple levels of Early Bird Pricing?
    Yes. You just provide us the all the early bird and normal prices and the dates you want the price changes to occur. Prices change automatically on the dates specified.
  • Do you have special pricing for charities and non-profits?
    We do support various kinds of organizations with favored pricing. We make our decisions based on the organization's mission. See the organizations we support on our philanthropy page
 Administrator Questions
  • Can we have access for more than one administrator?
    Yes. Within reason, you can have multiple administrators access the reports in your password protected administrator pages.
  • How do we deal with cancellations?
    Through the Administrator you can, depending on the form of payment, void, cancel, credit, or refund money and/or registrations. This is done to maintain proper accounting for your event money totals, as well as people totals (sometimes you credit money but retain the registration, so you need two types of credit.)
  • Can we download registrant information?
    You can download the information collected in the registration process as an Excel spreadsheet, or comma separated file (CSV) at any time. In addition, you can customize the information prior to download if you want only portions of the information.
  • Can we customize reports?
    Yes, reports can be sorted, and queried against multiple criteria e.g., just those that signed up from a particular company, or those that paid by check. Each report that you create can be saved as favorite or bookmark in your browser so once you have created it you can repeat it as often as you like as new registrants sign up.
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