Administrator Web Pages

We organize all registrant information for you in ONE place—your password protected Administrator web page. The Administrator quickly tells you who's signed-up, and when and how they paid. Here are some features:

  • Fast reports for attendance and registration payments
  • Standard and customizable reports—frequently used reports can be saved simply as a browser favorite or bookmark and recalled as often as you want
  • Multiple administrators allowed
  • Mark off as paid all checks, POs, and wire transfers when they are received
  • Collect faxed-in credit card registrations without re-entering name and contact information
  • Download your entire database, or just parts of it, to your desktop as an Excel or comma delimited file
  • Automatically do credit card credits with proper security protections
  • Do credits/refunds on checks, POs, and wire transfers to maintain full accounting consistency
  • Automatically resend acknowledgement emails to registrants when requested, or when checks are received
  • Add registrants after the event has ended—useful for walk-ins
  • Edit registrant records
  • Print a formatted, customized registration form that has the same information as your online form(s)—good to fax to registrants, and record phone or walk-in registrations
  • For full list of features see our pricing page

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Concentrate On Marketing

With many of the routine tasks taken care of electronically, you can concentrate on marketing your event. We can help you there too; the information in the registrant database can focus your direct marketing efforts.

Use the information for email and direct mail campaigns. Use your web address in local newspaper event calendars, event brochures, and of course, on your web site.

  • Determine where registrants come from and how they are referred to your registration page
  • Report on the number of registration page visitors that actually consummate a registration transaction
  • Use the email addresses in your database to email merge promotions or reminders to registrants. We can show you how to do all that in Outlook from your desktop.
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