Event Registration Software

Amplify Software's online event registration service allows anyone, anywhere, with web access to register online for your event, conference or meeting, anytime. It's easy to use, saves time, and registrants will appreciate the 24/7 availability.

For you, the event, meeting or conference planner, we provide an Internet accessible database where all the event registration information is stored in one place. You have no software to install; you only need a browser. And, you can collect fees by credit card, check, PO, or wire transfer.

Our goal is to provide a clear registration process so registrants don't call you and where their mistakes are automatically caught by our underlying software logic.

We're a straight forward company and will do a great, no-nonsense job for you. Our web site typifies this—just the information and no hyperbole.

Almost Any Kind of Event
  • Conferences
  • Educational Classes
  • Seminars
  • Monthly Meetings
  • Class Reunions
  • Memberships
  • and many more ...
  • Corporate Events
  • Donations
  • No-charge Events
No Risk, Nothing to Buy

There are no upfront or membership fees, and no payment surprises. Most of our revenue comes from charging a small fee for each registrant that uses a credit card to pay. Generally that means when a registrant pays online, but opts to use a check rather than credit card, or is complimentary, our fee is waived, within reason ....more details

The Amplify Difference

You are going to research many services for your registration needs and we have many features that truly differentiate us. Among these are set-up speed; a turnkey service; easy, competitive and fair pricing; form design expertise; reduced financial liability; and security:   ...read more

What Our Clients and Registrants Say
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